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Pastel Gradient

Hannah Roby is born and raised in San Diego and currently living in San Diego. She knew at a young age that music was her passion and she continues to carry her love for music. Hannah's inspiration for her music are daily occurrences, to be a little more specific, most of her songs about hopeless romantic stories. Writing about high school relationships is her biggest inspiration at the moment. Roby is working on putting together a summer project, an EP of four songs all about relationships and growing up. In the past she has released 8 singles, and a mini EP of 3 songs. One of her most memorable memories from recording her latest single Good Days,  bringing her co-writers dad to play the steal guitar. Her end goal is to make people smile when they listen to her story telling.


This April, I was able to perform at NAMM 2023 in the Marriott Lobby! It was a singer songwriters group put together by Tim Moyer and it was such a cool experience being able to perform my originals and listen to other artist's originals too! 

Not only did I get the opportunity to perform at the Marriott at NAMM, but I also got the chance to perform at the Kyser Capo booth at this years NAMM. It was fun time jamming and singing to my new songs and seeing everyone involved!

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