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Press Kit/Bio

Hannah Roby is born and raised in San Diego and currently living in San Diego. She knew at a young age that music was her passion and she continues to carry her love for music. Hannah's inspiration for her music are daily occurrences, to be a little more specific, most of her songs about hopeless romantic stories. Writing about high school relationships is her biggest inspiration at the moment. Roby has been  working on putting together an EP of four songs about empowerment and relationships since the summer of 2023. She just released the debut EP this March and is excited to see what the future holds with this project. In the past she has released 8 singles, and a mini EP of 3 songs. Her end goal is to connect with people through her music and storytelling.


I just performed a 40 minute set at the NAMM show, of 2024! It was such an incredible experience!


So excited and very proud to announce that I am a Taylor Guitar Artist. I can't wait to see what the future holds with my relationship with Taylor Guitars! From playing guitar since I was five to barley just being 17, this is a lifetime achievement for me!


I just released my first EP called, "What I'm Made Of" this March! Over the past 2 months of September and August of 2023, I have been practicing with a band preparing to get into the studio. After recording all of the instrument parts, I went in and recoded my vocals. Huge shout out and thank you to Todd Hunsaker and Robert Kaechele for making this possible! This experience has been absolutely incredible and I'm excited for you all to hear what has been created! 


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